Why your mate should love your Week 3

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Why your mate should love your Week 3

heart3Yesterday evening, Douglas and I headed out to Treasure Island Beach near us in Florida to watch the sun set into the Gulf of Mexico. It was beautiful. It was sweet. It was a perfect mellow Week 3 activity to do with my honey.

And while I was feeling all shmoopie and close to Douglas, research suggests it wasn’t just because of the incredibly romantic setting.

Turns out, during Week 3 of our cycle, we gals feel more committed to our partners, according to a 2005 study in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

The theory: During this week of our cycle, the rise in progesterone tricks our body into thinking we might be pregnant. So, though we’re not conscious that we’re doing it, we form a closer bond with our mate in case we need our sweetie’s help and support during a pregnancy and childrearing.

What do you think–do you notice you feel more committed to your partner during your own Week 3?

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