Why you need more time to get ready in your Week 2

Why you need more time to get ready in your Week 2


This morning, I read this article in the Washington Post that claims makeup sales are currently spiking. They point to a few reasons why, such as celebrities who reveal their surprisingly complex (and sometimes ridiKKulous) makeup secrets, online tutorials that show women how to use products they might have normally shied away from (because there was no obvious way to use them without video instruction) and the unspoken rivalry for the best selfies.

Since there’s such a big interest in cosmetics, I thought I’d share a word of warning. Well, not warning. That word is a bit too ominous. This is more of a heads-up. I’m sharing a heads-up that you’re probably going to need more time to get ready for work, school, appointments and dates in your Week 2 (the week leading up to and including ovulation). And it’s because of your makeup.

According to several studies (such as this one published in Hormones and Behavior and this one published in The Psychological Record), you not only tend to use more mascara, lipstick and other cosmetics on these cycle days, you take more time to apply your makeup to get your look just right.

Chalk it up to your high estrogen being a bit pushy in the romance department, researchers say. As the level of this hormone climbs, it revs your desire to make yourself look more attractive to your current love or new potential partners so you can boost your chances of bedding someone during this fertile phase of your cycle.

The bottom line: When your Week 2 rolls around, consider giving yourself a few extra minutes of prep-time so you can look your best and stay on schedule.


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