Why you buy sexier clothes when ovulating

/Why you buy sexier clothes when ovulating

Why you buy sexier clothes when ovulating

bikiniEver go shopping for a new pair of jeans and ended up getting a revealing mini-skirt, plunging tank top, lacy lingerie or other sexy outfit instead? You may have been ovulating while thinking of a romantic rival, according to University of Minnesota researchers. In their just-released study, ovulating women who viewed photos of attractive women from their local area opted to buy sexier clothes and accessories than women who viewed photos of unnattractive women or women who lived far away. The reason? According to the researchers, when you’re ovulating (which occurs at the end of Week 2 of your cycle), you subconsciously try to look sexier to outdo women who you may have to directly compete with for attention from men during the most fertile time of the month.


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