Why I want your Hormone Horoscope to be WRONG

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Why I want your Hormone Horoscope to be WRONG

wrongThe point of my Hormone Horoscopes is to show you what your day will be like based on where you are in your monthly cycle. For instance, you’re more likely to be chipper and energetic during your Week 2 (the week leading up to and including ovulation). You’re more prone to being sedate and fatigued in your Week 3 (the week right after ovulation). Etc.

However, there are times–many times!–when I want your Hormone Horoscope to be dead wrong!

Let me explain…

This morning as I was in the shower, my razor started to fall from the windowsill. In a split-second I calculated where I was in my cycle, realized I was on a plunging estrogen day when my reflexes aren’t as fast and I have less dexterity, making me more prone to dropping stuff–and knew that if the razor made it to the floor of the tub, I’d have to use my still extremely stiff and painful back (the one I threw out a couple of weeks ago) to bend to pick it up. No bueno.

So, with all that info, I put more effort into catching the razor, using more concentration and both hands. And, thankfully, I caught it.

But, then I thought about how I’d just defied my own Hormone Horoscope–the one that says on a plunging estrogen day, you have slower reflexes and less dexterity, making you more prone to dropping stuff. Because the razor hadn’t dropped; I caught it.

And, then I thought how GREAT that was!

Because not only does the Hormone Horoscope show you what your day will be like based on where you are in your monthly cycle…

the Hormone Horoscope also shows you how to anticipate hormonal challenges so you can overcome them–making your Hormone Horoscope wrong! Like awesomely wrong!

For instance…

You can be more prone to stress or anxiety in your Week 2 as a side effect of high estrogen…but, not if you do calming activities, such as sipping chamomile tea (which has a mildly sedating effect), practicing yoga, meditating, listening to soothing music or going for a walk.

You can be more prone to being mentally foggy in your Week 3 (the week right after ovulation) due to rising progesterone…but, not if you do activities that rev mental alertness, such as brisk exercise, chewing gum, eating a little dark chocolate or, of course, drinking caffeine.

You can be more prone to anger, irritation or the blues in your premenstrual Week 4 as estrogen plunges…but, not if you take steps to keep your mood up, such as reducing stress, exercising, limiting caffeine intake, avoiding bad mood-triggers and treating yourself well.

I hope that the more you learn about your hormones, the more you can make your Hormone Horoscope wrong. In the awesomest way.

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