If you’re in sales or plan to buy, this post is a must-read

/If you’re in sales or plan to buy, this post is a must-read

If you’re in sales or plan to buy, this post is a must-read

handshake1Ever have a salesperson or customer service agent try to get your business–but they were going about getting the sale all wrong for the week you were on in your cycle?

I just had this happen to me.

A contractor who just visited my home to give me a bid on a project was super-peppy, talking fast, had on strong cologne and kept stepping into my personal space.

Since I’m in my premenstrual Week 4, I’m low-energy, more sensitive to scents and prefer a bigger distance between me and everyone else in the world.

I was hoping the contractor would pick on my hints, for instance, by slowing down to my obvious snail’s pace and giving me more room between him and his cologne cloud. But, his energy seemed to only intensify as he tried to close the sale. And every time I took one step backward, he took one giant perfumey step closer.

Thankfully for this contractor, I’m not going to base my decision on whether or not he gets the job on how his first impression meshed up with my hormone cycle. If he does good work and has a good bid, he’ll win out over the others.

But, I couldn’t help thinking that if I was a woman who wasn’t so attuned to my cycle–and therefore could take my hormones into account and forgive the mismatch–I might possibly not do business with him because I didn’t feel a connection or wasn’t won over by his sales technique.

Why do I bring this up to you today? Two reasons:

One: If you’re in sales or customer service, you may find you get better results with premenopausal female clients (those under the age of around 50) when you pick up on hints about where they are in their monthly cycle–and then tailor your approach to match it.

For instance, if the woman you’re speaking with is chatty, high-energy, makes jokes or laughs easily, brings up lots of questions or stories while you’re talking, touches you (for instance, pats your arm while making a point), leans in close and has open body language (meaning, her arms are outstretched or at her sides rather than crossed), chances are, she’s in the first half of her cycle.

She’ll most likely respond better to you when you’re matching her by being high-energy, fun and chatty.

In this phase of her cycle, she’s more concerned about features and options than boring details, like how long something takes to do or how something is installed. She wants to be wowed and wooed.

If the woman you’re speaking with is quieter, low-energy, doesn’t make jokes and only smiles slightly when you make one, she keeps space between you and doesn’t touch you or lean in close, she has closed body language (for instance, crosses her arms or turns her body away from yours), chances are, she’s in the second half of her cycle.

This kind of woman will most likely respond better to you when you’re matching her by bringing down your energy level, not bringing up personal stories or funny asides and instead sticking to the matter at hand, and honoring her need for personal space. Especially if you’re wearing perfume.

In this phase of her cycle, she’s more concerned about the nitty-gritty details, like cost, safety procedures, permits and how things are installed. She wants to be reassured and determine how trustworthy you are.

What’s my second reason for bringing up this topic? So that the next time you’re interviewing a contractor or talking to a salesperson or customer service rep, you keep in mind where you are in your cycle. If you’re not feeling a connection or the sales pitch isn’t winning you over, it might just be a hormonal mismatch. So, focus on the details of what’s being offered instead so you can be sure you’re making the right choice.

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