When up is down and down is up

/When up is down and down is up

When up is down and down is up

updownFirst things first: I want to congratulate Debbi C. on winning the Hormonology drawing for a $50 Amazon.com gift card!

Even though this was a random drawing, I read all your entries revealing the one thing you found most surprising about how your hormones impact you. They were all great–and some were truly illuminating! I’ll be posting a bunch of them here later this week. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Second, I’ve been getting A LOT of questions emailed to me lately. I’m trying to get to all of them, but it may take a little time. I apologize for the wait!

Now, on to today’s Hormonology Tip….

A few weeks ago, I started my own MeetUp group. It’s a discussion group where folks gather to chat about science, philosophy, art, technology, ethics, you name it.

Well, our third MeetUp was on Saturday–and after a couple of bumpy first meetings, this one was just amazing. Everyone got really involved, the discussion topics we all thought up were really engaging, and even the restaurant I chose this time worked out far better than the previous one I tried.

So, on the drive home with my husband, Douglas, I was super-hyper and couldn’t stop talking.

Since I view everything I think/do/feel/eat/buy through a hormonal prism, I thought it was odd and surprising that I had so much energy and was so incredibly chatty despite the fact that it was my Week 3–and rising progesterone should be making me tired and sedate.

But, then I reminded myself: Hormones are just one factor that affects our moods and behavior. They’re a big factor. But, just one factor nonetheless.

There’s lots of other stuff that can exaggerate hormonal effects or negate hormonal effects or just totally eclipse hormonal effects altogether. And excitement about a social event that you’re responsible for going well can definitely be one of them.

Other factors that can change how your hormones “should” be making you feel or behave include stress, a major win, a major loss, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, not enough caffeine (if you’re used to getting a set amount), kindling a new romance, ending a romance, how nutritious your diet is, your health and medications you’re taking.

So, today I just want to remind you that if you’re feeling down in your Week 2–when high estrogen should be making you feel up–or you’re peppy and chatty in your Week 3–when rising progesterone should be making you lethargic and quiet–or if you experience any other unexpected emotion or behavior that doesn’t sync with the week you’re on in your cycle, try to consider what other health and lifestyle factors could be impacting you.

By doing so, you may be able to pinpoint problems you can fix–like getting to bed earlier in your Week 2 to enjoy more high-hormone energy.

Or you might stumble across something that enhances hormonal effects in a positive way–for instance, you could discover that a certain food or beverage revs your energy even more during your high-hormone Week 2.

For me, I now know that getting excited about an event going well can completely eradicate rising progesterone fatigue–leaving me just as chatty and energized as any Week 2 day. Just ask Douglas who had to share what must have felt like a very loooong car ride home with me that night!

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