When does estrogen boost your beauty?

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When does estrogen boost your beauty?

My HormonologyYou can leave your makeup at home during Week 2 of your cycle—high estrogen is triggering changes in your face that make you appear naturally more beautiful to both men and women, according to a study in  the journal Biology Letters.

To test this, researchers showed male and female study participants pairs of photos of women in neutral, non-smiling poses without makeup—one photo was taken between Days 8 and 14 of the women’s cycles (when estrogen is high), the other photo was taken between Days 17 and 25 (when estrogen is lower and progesterone is high). None of the study participants were aware that the photos were taken at different phases of the women’ s cycles. Yet, when asked to rate the attractiveness of the women’s faces, most participants chose the photos taken during Days 8 and 14. 

You can thank evolution for the hormonal make-over, the researchers say.  As you approach ovulation at the end of Week 2, estrogen prompts subtle changes in your body that help you attract a mate.

[photo: Mercedes.. Life as I Pictured]

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