What’s new in the Hormone Horoscope App?

/What’s new in the Hormone Horoscope App?

What’s new in the Hormone Horoscope App?

I want to thank everyone who sent me suggestions for how to improve my Hormone Horoscope App. I really appreciate your taking the time to think about what would make it better and letting me know.

I now want to let you know that my app team and I have been busy working on implementing many of those suggestions. You can expect to see these new changes around the end of summer.

Today I want to give you a heads-up and let you know about some of the new improvements you can expect:

> There’s a new calendar: The biggest request, by far, was to incorporate a traditional day/month calendar into the Hormone Horoscope App so you can always know where you’ll be in your cycle based on the date. Done! Once you open the app and input your cycle settings (the length of your cycle and which day you’re on in your cycle), you’ll now be able to view where you are in your cycle on a traditional calendar.

I’m already using the new Hormone Horoscope App right now on my Android phone (because, of course, I had to test it before we roll it out) and the calendar feature is SO handy! For instance, I know that on August 15, I’ll be in Week 3 of my cycle, which is perfect timing because that’s when I’ll be attending a cupcake competition and satisfying my Week 3 progesterone-fueled sugar cravings with an array of award-worthy cupcakes!

colors3>  There’s a whole new look: The second biggest request was to update the overall look of the app–specifically, to make it “less pink” and “more sophisticated”. To the left is a sneak peek of what the new Hormone Horoscope App calendar looks like. Personally, I really like it. I hope you do, too!

There’s now a “Lite” version and “Pro” version: With so many new additions and upgrades, it was time to build two separate apps:

The “Lite” version is free and includes the new day/month calendar for your current cycle, along with the daily Hormone Horoscope summary, daily note-taking feature and other features you have on the current version of your Hormone Horoscope App right now.

The new “Pro” version is going to be a pay app (probably $1.99) and gives you more features, including the ability to see your past cycles and future cycles in the calendar, track past cycle lengths, and add emoticons to your calendar and notes to make it easy to track your moods, health and more. You’ll also be able to set more alerts (such as a heads-up about when your period or premenstrual week is coming) and track other pertinent information about your cycle.

And, most importantly, the daily Hormone Horoscope in the “Pro” version is longer, more detailed and divided into categories (such as Mood, Energy, Money, Love) so it’s easier for you to refer to the exact cycle information you want more quickly. It’s like a mini version of my forthcoming book.

> There’s a teen version: The new Hormone Horoscope Teen App is geared specifically toward younger cycling girls between the ages of 12 to 16. Like the adult version, there will be a “Lite” version that will be free and a “Pro” version that will be a pay app (probably $1.99). Both versions are nearly identical to the two adult apps, except that the Hormone Horoscope text has been tweaked to be suitable for younger readers and for those who may be new to their cycle so they can understand it a bit more.

> There are other tweaks and changes: I received many suggestions for improving other aspects of the app, including changing the color and font of the text to make it easier to read, adding a way to send a link to the app to friends and making the settings easier to use. These and other changes have been made.

> There are more apps to come! I don’t want to spill the beans too soon, but at least three more Hormone Horoscope Apps are going to be introduced sometime in the fall. And, I think you’re going to really enjoy them! I’ll tell you more about those at a later time.

Thanks again for all your help and input. I hope you enjoy what’s to come from all the Hormonology apps!

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