Welcome, new Hormonology readers!

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Welcome, new Hormonology readers!

iconbw1I want to give a great big welcome to the many new Hormonology readers who found my HormoneHoroscope.com blog. Glad you could make it!

I’m Gabrielle Lichterman, founder of Hormonology and creator of the Hormone Horoscope.

Some of you probably got here because of this amazing article in Sunday’s Telegraph where brilliant (obviously) reporter Beverley Turner tried living the “Hormonology way”–in sync with the ups and downs of her hormones–for a whole monthly cycle. And her results were astonishing. (Seriously, this is one great read. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I highly suggest you do so.)

To all you newbies who aren’t familiar with Hormonology yet (and to longtime readers who simply want a refresher), I’d like to suggest some starting points for you that will help get you up to speed–and show you super-quickly how your hormones impact your mood, energy, libido, sleep, brain skills, health and so much more every day in your monthly cycle:

* Start with learning a bit about your hormones: I have an easy start-up guide for women who want to find out–quickly–how their hormones impact them every day. You can read it here.

* Check out the Hormonology Guides: Each of these guides focuses on one topic–such as sleep or energy or memory–and goes into more depth about how your hormones impact this particular issue week to week in your monthly cycle. You can read them here.

* Not sure where you are in your monthly cycle? Here’s a handy road map to your hormones that helps you pinpoint where you are at any time.

* Find out all the ways to beat PMS (PMT): As a longtime health journalist for women’s magazines, I’m constantly reporting on the latest–and most effective–study-proven and natural ways to reduce (and even prevent altogether!) premenstrual irritability, bloating, moodiness, pain and other annoying pre-period symptoms. You can find the studies I’ve reported on here.

* Don’t forget about the men in your life: Most women don’t realize this, but men have a hormone cycle, too! However, it’s drastically different from ours. Learn how hormones are impacting the guys in your life here.

* Sign up for the daily Hormonology newsletter: In it I share one Hormonology Tip every day–it could be a new hormone study that reveals a surprising way hormones impact us or an easy way to prevent menstrual cramps or a great tool for reducing premenstrual irritability or anything else that’s hormone-related and helps make your cycle better. It also includes the daily Hormone Horoscope, which gives you a glimpse into how your hormones are impacting you today based on where you are in your monthly cycle right now. Subscribe for free to the Hormonology newsletter here.

If you’ve got questions, let me know by dropping me an email.

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