VIDEO: What can you do if your Week 2 isn’t great?

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VIDEO: What can you do if your Week 2 isn’t great?


During Week 2 of your menstrual cycle (the week leading up to and including ovulation), high-and-rising estrogen is supposed to be helping to boost your mood, energy, libido, confidence, sleep quality and more.

But, what if you’re not experiencing this spike in good feelings and other improvements? What if you’re sad, irritable, anxious, sleepless or have other issues on these days in your cycle?

In this Hormonology video, I reveal the most common reason behind a lousy Week 2–plus the easy fix. 

I also discuss three other culprits that could be messing up your Week 2–and what to do about them.

Click the play button below to discover how to make your Week 2 great again….

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