Turned off by someone who’s cocky, arrogant and full of themselves? Not in your Week 2!

Turned off by someone who’s cocky, arrogant and full of themselves? Not in your Week 2!

Say you were at a bar or party and saw someone who was really attractive, but kind of a jerk–for instance, the person was the loudest in their group, a show-off and a charmer who hit on all the ladies. Do you think you’d accept an offer of a date from this cocky flirt?

Chances are you would if you’re in Week 2 of your monthly cycle, which is the week leading up to and including ovulation.

That’s the word from a study in the journal Psychological Science that shows you’re more attracted to a potential love interest who struts their stuff, flirts and out-competes other rivals vying for your attention in your Week 2.

As the researchers explain it, it’s because during your Week 2, your high hormones are pushing you toward mates with short-term relationship potential rather than those with long-term relationship potential. And, it just so happens that confidence, flirtatiousness and competitiveness indicate that the person displaying these behaviors is perfect for a fling!

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