Week 2 voice trick that makes people listen

Week 2 voice trick that makes people listen


Research shows that during Week 2 of your cycle (the week leading up to and including ovulation), you tend to use higher-pitched notes when you talk. Some scientists speculate that this may be one the many subconscious cues you use to signal to a potential mate that you’re in the fertile phase of your cycle. Or it could be because high estrogen gets you more easily excited, which tends to make the pitch of your voice rise.

Whatever the cause behind this cycle-related voice change, there’s something you may want to try throughout each week of your cycle, but especially during your Week 2: When you need people to take what you’re saying more seriously (for example, in a meeting, job interview, brainstorming session or discussion), lower the pitch of your voice for the first few words when you join the conversation. A new study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General reveals that folks who start off conversations with a lower-pitched voice are perceived as more dominant and influential than those whose voices rise during their first few words. The result: You come off sounding like a leader, so people are more likely to follow what you say. (You can read more about this study here.)

Research already shows you’re coming up with far more brilliant ideas during your Week 2 thanks to elevated estrogen. So, by using this easy voice-modulating trick, you can boost your chances of getting other folks to go along with your genius high-hormone plans.

Need help lowering the pitch of your voice? Try tucking in your chin just a little. This is a common technique actors use to get a deeper sound.


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