Today’s Hormone Horoscope: Thursday, June 3, 2010

/Today’s Hormone Horoscope: Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: Thursday, June 3, 2010

My HormonologyWhich week are you on in your cycle?

Week 1
First day of period to Day 7
Today’s hormonescope: What others might find grueling—such as white water rafting, hot (Bikram) yoga or taking your niece and nephew to Disney for a week—sounds like fun to you. Why? As estrogen and testosterone rise, they give you a try-anything feeling and the confidence that what you do will end up being awesome.

Week 2
Day 8 to Day 13
Today’s hormonescope: If you want to get some work done today, you better avoid Facebook, Craigslistohnotheydidnt, textsfromlastnight and other distracting websites till you get your to-do list finished. High-and-rising estrogen and testosterone are making you inquisitive about the world around you, which can easily make an hour or more of your time evaporate as you get your curiosity piqued over and over and over and over….

Week 3
Day 14 (or ovulation) to Day 22
Today’s hormonescope: You may feel bloaty from gas buildup as rising progesterone triggers constipation. An easy fix: sip mint tea. Mint leaves contain properties that helps your digestive tract gently release trapped air. As for the constipation, try popping 100 mg. to 250 mg. of magnesium daily. This mineral, which I take every day to help ward off migraines, also has a mild laxative effect.

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of cycle
Today’s hormonescope: I like to repeat certain topics since they’re so important, which is why I’m bringing up this one again: Week 4 You has the power to make Week 1 You so much happier. And all it takes is popping ibuprofen. Research shows that taking one to three ibuprofen (like Advil or Motrin) per day (spaced out, not all together) on the three days leading up to your period blocks the body’s buildup of prostaglandins, hormone-like substances that cause menstrual cramp pain. No prostaglandins = significantly less period pain or, like me, no period pain at all. Not sure when your period starts? No worries, you can guesstimate so long as you don’t exceed the dosage instructions on the label. Can’t take ibuprofen? Try popping 1 gram of fish oil containing DHA and EPA daily, which also blocks prostaglandins from forming.

My Hormonology

My Hormonology

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