Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

/Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hormonology uses hundreds of scientific studies to show you how your hormones impact you in virtually every way every day of your monthly cycle. The Hormone Horoscope is a nifty little way of dispensing this information daily. To get started, find the week you’re on in your monthly cycle (you can use this easy guide if you’re not sure), then read your Hormone Horoscope for today!

My HormonologyWhich week are you on in your monthly cycle? Find out what it reveals about what your day has in store:

Week 1
Day 1 (first day of period) to Day 7
Estrogen rises

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: If you’re in the first half of your Week 1, your sweetie, friends and family may have to try a little harder to win you over since low (though rising) estrogen plus period pain and fatigue could bring your mood down a bit. However, by the second half of your week 1, you’re prone to seeing their good sides and overlooking their faults. Thanks goes to higher levels of estrogen plus the end of your period, which rev good feelings and optimism while also making you want to connect with others, so you’re more willing to give them a pass.

Week 2
Day 8 to Day 14 or ovulation (here’s how to tell when you’re ovulating)
Estrogen and testosterone rise till they peak

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: Research shows that your verbal abilities peak in this week of your cycle thanks to high estrogen, which means you’re speaking more eloquently and using bigger words. But, that’s not all that’s happening to your speech. Peaking estrogen is also making you more likely to break out your best witticisms, use proper grammar, mask a regional accent and speak in other ways that are designed to impress. That’s because this hormone is making you more aware of how others perceive you–and, chances are, you want them to see you as someone fun, smart and worth talking to!

Week 3
Day 15 (or the day after ovulation) to Day 22
Progesterone rises; estrogen and testosterone drop for half the week, then estrogen rises again
Today’s Hormone Horoscope: You’re probably going to take more time to weigh the pros and cons of decisions today than you did in your Week 2. That’s because when estrogen and testosterone were high last week, they made you far more impulsive and more likely to take action right away. Now that these hormones are at lower levels and sedating progesterone is rising, you’re slowing down when making choices and deliberating a little longer.

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of your cycle
Estrogen and progesterone plunge

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: Unlike Week 2 gals, you may notice your native regional accent comes back, you’re not as concerned about using proper grammar and/or you’re letting a curse word (or two or five) fly today. The reason? As estrogen plunges in your premenstrual Week 4, it makes you less concerned about impressing others. In fact, you may not care what anyone thinks of you at all! And that’s likely giving you a relaxed attitude about the way you speak.

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