Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

/Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My HormonologyWhich week are you on
in your monthy cycle?
Find out what it reveals about
what your day has in store:

Week 1
First day of period to Day 7
Today’s hormonescope: It may only be Wednesday, but chances are you’re already dreaming of the weekend. Rising progesterone is putting you in a “girls just wanna have fun” kind of mood, which makes any hum-drum week of work, errands or other responsibilities a total drag!

Week 2
Day 8 to Day 13
Today’s hormonescope: High estrogen and testosterone have you preferring things to be a bit more intense today: You crave bolder flavors, brighter colors, louder music, more pungent aromas, scarier movies and more passionate kisses!

Week 3
Day 14 (or ovulation) to Day 22
Today’s hormonescope: Your health or the health of someone you care about is on your mind today as rising progesterone brings out your nurturing side and lower levels of estrogen and testosterone reduce your confidence, prompting a bit of worry about your or someone else’s well-being.

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of cycle
Today’s hormonescope: It’s hard to pull the wool over your eyes today. Plunging estrogen and testosterone make you more skeptical of what people say and of their motives. So, if frenemies, sneaky salespeople or other dubious folks want to try to pull a fast one, you’re probably going to catch on to what they’re up to lickety-split.

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