Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

/Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hormonology uses hundreds of scientific studies to show you how your hormones impact you in virtually every way every day of your monthly cycle. The Hormone Horoscope is a nifty little way of dispensing this information daily. To get started, find the week you’re on in your monthly cycle (you can use this easy guide if you’re not sure), then read your Hormone Horoscope for today!

My HormonologyWhich week are you on
in your monthly cycle?
Find out what it reveals about
what your day has in store:

Week 1
Day 1 (first day of period) to Day 7
Estrogen and testosterone rise

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: Today you may be tempted to take on a big responsibility without really thinking about the long-term consequences, for instance, buying a new car or starting a huge home renovation. The problem is that rising estrogen is pumping up your optimism, which makes you a little less concerned about potential problems, like a hefty monthly car payment or months of living in dust and noise. And, since rising testosterone can make you more impulsive, you’re more likely to look before you leap. Before you sign any dotted lines or tear down any walls, take more time to research your plan and ask friends for their opinion. It could save you a big headache.

Week 2
Day 8 to Day 13
Estrogen and testosterone rise till they peak

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: While I often point out the positive aspects of Week 2, I have to point out one downside: High estrogen during this phase of your cycle can intensify and prolong your stress response. So, say you have a test or an important meeting—you may be more a bit more anxious about it than during other weeks of your cycle. To keep calm, try remembering positive traits you admire about yourself. Numerous recent studies reveal that by doing so, you pump up confidence and self-esteem, which reduces anxiety.

Week 3
Day 14 (or ovulation) to Day 22
Progesterone rises; estrogen and testosterone drop for half the week, then rise again

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: If it’s the first half of your Week 3, you may feel a little off today, for instance, you may have stomach woes, a headache or yeast infection. The problem is a sudden drop in estrogen, which occurs right after you ovulate. If you’re in the second half of your Week 3, these mild maladies may lessen a bit as estrogen starts to rise again. However, constipation and bloat may bother you all week long due to rising progesterone.

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of your cycle
Estrogen, testosterone and progesterone plunge

Today’s Hormone Horoscope: As estrogen nosedives today, you may be a bit more sensitive to noise, smells, bright lights and jostling crowds, which can make eating at a restaurant, shopping at a store or sharing a cubicle downright annoying.

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