Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Monday, November 14, 2011

/Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Monday, November 14, 2011

Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Monday, November 14, 2011

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Week 1
First day of period to Day 7
Today’s hormonescope: It may be hard to believe, but there are less than two months left to 2011. And today’s rising estrogen may have you remembering this little fact, along with all the to-dos and resolutions you meant to get to this year and still haven’t started. That’s because as this hormone climbs, it reignites your passion and motivation for launching projects. Especially ones you were hoping to have finished by now.

Week 2
Day 8 to Day 13
Today’s hormonescope: Week 3 You is sending you an important message today: Try to avoid scheduling too many activities, projects and social events to fall on the next week of your cycle (Day 14 to Day 22). While high estrogen and testosterone give you the oomph to pile lots on your plate this week, by next week, rising progesterone and lower estrogen and testosterone will sap your energy and make you less interested in socializing.

Week 3
Day 14 (or ovulation) to Day 22
Today’s hormonescope: You may get hit with intense urges to purchase a fluffy mattress pillow-top, pretty picture frame, fun poster or other items that spruce up your home. Why? As progesterone rises this week, it boosts your urge to feather your nest.

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of cycle
Today’s hormonescope: Can the people around you do nothing right? Not while estrogen and testosterone are plunging, they can’t! Since coworkers, fellow students, drivers on the road in front of you and shoppers on line behind you won’t be living up to your many expectations today, you’ll be happiest when simply accepting this fact and by remembering that most people aren’t trying to be intentionally annoying. They’re just caught up in their own life drama and stresses, which makes them accidentally clueless.

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