Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Friday, November 5, 2010

/Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Friday, November 5, 2010

Today’s Daily Hormone Horoscope: Friday, November 5, 2010

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Which week are you on in your cycle?

Week 1
First day of period to Day 7
Today’s hormonescope: You may be exasperating friends who can’t understand why you suddenly love your partner / job / car / home / neighbor / frenemy today when just a week ago during your Week 4, you were making plans to ditch them. The reason for your waffling? Rising estrogen and testosterone are pumping up your optimism and euphoria, making you overlook the very faults that had you complaining recently.

Week 2
Day 8 to Day 13
Today’s hormonescope: High testosterone is boosting your confidence. So take the opportunity to ask for something you want—for example, flex-time from your boss, money you loaned to a friend or a shoulder massage from your sweetie (and not the chintzy five-second kind either).

Week 3
Day 14 (or ovulation) to Day 22
Today’s hormonescope: You may feel a twinge of guilt over not spending enough time with those who care about you as rising progesterone ups your urge to connect and nurture relationships in your life. As a result, you may send out a few emails to pals, text your sister, take your kids or dog out to the park or make a date with your sweetie.

Week 4
Day 23 to the end of cycle
Today’s hormonescope: You may be pressing “delete” on Facebook posts or regretting what you say today. As estrogen plunges, you have less patience, which can make you blow your stack and say some pretty cutting remarks. But, this same hormonal plunge is taking away your confidence, making you worry about hurting someone’s feelings, spurring retaliation or even triggering a lawsuit!

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