Throw it out in Week 2 of your cycle

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Throw it out in Week 2 of your cycle


Been thinking about clearing out unused clutter from your closets, cupboards, attic or garage because you want more space, you’re expecting guests or you just watched an episode of Hoarders and have been terrified into thinking the producers of the reality TV show might soon be knocking on your door?

Chances are, you’ve likely put off this task for as long as you could because, well, it’s not an easy one.

First, there’s all the mental effort required to make the gazillion decisions involved: Should it stay? Should it go? Should it be recycled? Is it good enough to donate? If I offer it to this neighbor, would she be insulted? If I don’t offer it to that neighbor, will he be insulted? Should I just quietly sneak it out of my house in the middle of the night under cover of darkness so no one gets insulted?

Then, there’s all the physical exertion needed to move stuff, sort stuff, pile stuff, pack stuff–and then cart all the stuff that was just moved, sorted, piled and packed to their many respective destinations.

Just thinking about it is exhausting, isn’t it?

Well, listen up because I’m just about to make your next organizing event a breeze. Or at least way easier:

When you’ve got a big mess of stuff you’ve got to sort through, aim to do it during the second half of your Week 2, which are the days right before ovulation in the middle of your cycle.

During these days high estrogen and testosterone are kicking your mental and physical energy into high gear, giving you the extra oomph you need to make it all the way through a big project like this–and complete it faster.

What’s more, these high hormones are making you far less sentimental about your stuff, so it’s a lot easier to let go of it. A cute t-shirt your husband surprised you with as a special present–but he got it in a boy’s extra-small so you haven’t worn it once? Out! A jean skort you’ve been waiting to come back in style–for five years? Out! A fringed poncho blouse? OUT OUT OUT!!!

The result: Thanks to soaring Week 2 hormones pushing you along, you’ll have the neat, organized living space of your dreams–and someone out there with a love of fringed poncho tops will be silently thanking you for it.

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