The week of your cycle when your popularity spikes

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The week of your cycle when your popularity spikes

You know how you can spot the most popular people at a party, networking event or other social function just by looking at them? They seem to somehow stand out. And other folks move toward them like they have some kind of magical gravitational pull, making them the center of attention.

There’s a week in your cycle when you have the potential to be that popular person.

When is it? Week 2 of your cycle–which is the week leading up to and including ovulation.

In this phase, high estrogen is ramping up confidence and extroversion by helping the brain the churn out a higher level of feel-good chemicals.

This same hormone is also sharpening your brain and verbal skills, making you wittier and more eloquent.

Rising estrogen is also pushing you to put more time and effort into your appearance–for instance, with makeup, a flattering outfit and/or more accessories, like a scarf or jewelry–helping you stand out.

And, according to this 2011 study in the Journal of Research in Personality, this rising hormone is even affecting your personality, making you become kinder, more considerate and friendlier than you typically are during other weeks of your cycle.

Researchers believe all these changes occur because you’re subconsciously trying to make yourself more attractive to potential new partners or rev the desire in the one you have in case you want to entice someone to fertilize your egg during ovulation at the end of Week 2.

So, how can you use this information in everyday life?

Since you know Week 2 is when you make the best impressions on others, take advantage of it: Go out and meet new people, for instance, head to a networking function, go on a first date, plan to meet your sweetheart’s parents for the first time, schedule a job interview or talk with an investor about your business.

And what if you can’t schedule these meet-and-greets around your cycle? Simply remember the traits that others find so attractive you in your Week 2–confidence, curiosity, friendliness, extroversion and more comfort being the center of attention–and remind yourself to put these traits on display.

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