The cycle days when the scent of blood is revolting or enjoyable

The cycle days when the scent of blood is revolting or enjoyable

I just had my annual blood tests this morning, so I’ve got blood on my mind. So, it’s kind of kismet that I found this new study about how our reaction to the scent of blood changes throughout our monthly cycle.

Turns out, during most of our cycle, the majority of us find the scent of blood–which is like a coppery or metallic odor–unpleasant to barely tolerable.

However, when our window of fertility opens up–about mid-way through Week 2 through the first day of Week 3 in our cycle–we find the scent of blood enjoyable.

The researchers didn’t go into a clear explanation as to why this change in blood odor preference would occur except to say that our sensitivity to scents heightens during ovulation and we perceive more aromas as positive on these days.

But, now you know that the next time you or someone else gets a wicked paper cut or orders steak tartare, you can check your menstrual cycle calendar to find out why you find the bloody scent revolting or pleasurable.

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[Photo: Alden Chadwick]

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