Multi-Session Cycle Workshop for Adults

Multi-Session Hormonology Cycle Workshop for Adults

Master your menstrual cycle with a multi-session interactive workshop that goes in-depth. Each class explores one facet of your life that is impacted with by the ups and downs of hormones in your monthly cycle.

Through fun, easy group exercises, you’ll then learn how to harness these hormonal effects to make that part of your life better.

Select the classes you’d like to offer to your group from the following list—and feel free to suggest your own:

  • Romance and sex: Why hormones affect the type of person you’re attracted to, when libido rises and falls, the types of dates you enjoy, how to know the person you’re dating is the one
  • Money: How hormones impact how you’re spending, saving and managing finances
  • Career, school, projects: Boosting motivation, brainstorming creative ideas, getting more productive and reaching deadlines throughout your cycle
  • Weight loss and fitness: Cycle secrets to shedding excess pounds and toning up faster and more easily
  • Overcome challenges: Ease premenstrual syndrome symptoms, menstrual cramps, lethargy, insomnia, anxiety, moodiness and lack of confidence
  • New Year’s resolutions: Use your cycle to help you get in shape, quit cigarettes, make new friends and find a new job
Note: Because of frank sexual discussion, the romance and sex class is for attendees 18+
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