Cycle Overview for Teens

Hormonology Cycle Overview for Teens

In this fun, upbeat and informative talk geared toward girls 12 to 17, Gabrielle shares important information that should be included in every period talk and sex ed class.

She shows girls how the ups and downs of hormones in their new (or soon to arrive) menstrual cycle impacts them in a wide variety of ways, including their…

  • Mood
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Crushes
  • Spending habits
  • Appetite
  • Health

Sticking to the basics and using easy-to-grasp concepts, Gabrielle provides the introduction every girl needs to understand the changes they’ll be experiencing in themselves every month.

In this talk, girls will learn…

  • How to predict the changes that occur every cycle
  • Simple ways to sync their lives with their cycle
  • How to take advantage of hormonal benefits—such as planning activities with friends on cycle days when energy and a desire to socialize are high
  • How to overcome hormonal challenges—such as fatigue, insomnia or premenstrual issues
  • Simple tips to be happier and healthier every day of their cycle
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