Cycle Overview for Men

Hormonology Cycle Overview for Men

Want to understand your girlfriend or wife in a whole new way? This class is designed specifically for male partners of women with natural menstrual cycles (no hormone birth control).

What makes this class personalized for men?

It starts off with a basic introduction to menstrual cycles that people without a uterus and ovaries may not already have.

Then, it teaches you about four phases of women’s hormones from the perspective of a partner who has never personally experienced the ups and down of monthly hormones.

This way, you can clearly and quickly discover how hormones impact your girlfriend or wife. And, even more importantly, you’ll find out how to predict changes in her based on where she is in her cycle. What that means for you: No more guessing and no more surprises!

In this class, you’ll learn how her hormones impact her…

  • Moods
  • Energy
  • Libido
  • Desire for non-sexual affection
  • Interest in socializing
  • Tendency to be talkative or and quiet
  • Patience
  • Confidence

And, you’ll find out how to apply this information to make your relationship stronger, deeper and happier. For instance, you’ll learn….

  • How to predict her moods, energy, libido and more—so you can understand her changes and stay in sync with her
  • What kind of support—or independence—she’s craving from you based on where she is in her cycle
  • The types of dates and activities that would make her happiest based on her mood, energy and level of extroversion
  • Simple small steps you can take every day to be the partner of her dreams
While geared toward men, all are welcome to attend. Because of frank sexual discussion, this class is for those 18+.
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