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Hormonology Business Booster: Understand Your Female Clients Ages 18 to 45

Frustrated because you can’t figure out what makes your female clients happy or return consistently?

Despite what many might suspect, women aren’t a mystery. Much of the changes in their spending behaviors are simply driven by biology:

Research shows that the majority of women ages 18 to 45 shift between two distinct shopping phases every two weeks—and this makes them respond in completely opposite ways to your sales and service techniques.

Fortunately, pinpointing which phase your client is in is as easy as looking and listening for simple clues

Once you understand this, you can “phase match”—which is delivering the kind of shopping and service experience your client wants based on the shopping phase she’s in. This easy step will inspire the customer loyalty and greater investment in your company and products that you’re looking for from her.

Hire Gabrielle to train you and your team and you’ll be making stronger, more lasting connections with your female clients immediately.

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