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Talks & Speaking Engagements

Gabrielle is available to speak to a wide variety of audiences in many venues including: Women’s groups, Teen groups, Men’s groups, Workshops, Classrooms, University campuses, Bookstores, Retreats, Seminars & Conferences

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Gabrielle’s Message

Gabrielle speaks powerfully about the study-proven effects of hormones throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle and how to harness and manage the predictable ups and downs.

This enables women to navigate their month in a way that maximizes the advantages and manages the disadvantages they face on a daily basis, making every day of their cycle better.

It also shows men and businesses that cater to women how to create closer bonds with women and better serve their needs.

Topics Tailored To Your Audience

Gabrielle tailors her speaking engagements to her audience and focuses on specific topics the audience would find most relevant. A sample of topics include:

Using your hormone cycle to make every day better
Living in sync with your cycle
Creating a stronger connection with your teen daughter
Getting closer to your female partner
Fostering a better relationship with female clientele

5 Reasons To Book Gabrielle

Here are five key reasons to book Gabrielle for your next engagement:

1. Information you can trust. The growing movement among women to live in sync with their menstrual cycles and learn more about how their hormones impact their moods, health and behavior all started with Gabrielle and her groundbreaking book, 28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential. You’re getting the information you need straight from the source.

2. Immediate usefulness. Every member of your audience will walk away from Gabrielle’s presentation armed with practical knowledge that they can immediately apply to their lives, relationships or business.

3. A tailored presentation. Gabrielle thoroughly researches your group to ensure the content, tone and media tools used provide the most positive impact.

4. An interactive, stimulating presentation. Your audience members will be encouraged to not only answer questions, but actively participate in discussions and polls that keep them engaged and facilitate deeper learning. Gabrielle also uses a variety of media tools to further enhance the audience’s experience.

5. A partner in building excitement. To get your audience members excited about Gabrielle’s presentation, she’s available to engage them on social media platforms of your choice—including your own social media feeds and newsletters—leading up to the speaking date. For public presentations, she will promote your event to her personal mailing list and social media followers.

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