Surprising way your cycle can make holiday parties more fun

Surprising way your cycle can make holiday parties more fun

dancemanWhether you love’em or dread’em, this is the season for holiday parties.

Well, here’s an interesting way to use your monthly cycle to make holiday parties a tad more fun for you:

When you’re in your Week 2 (which starts 8 days from the onset of your period, sooner if your cycle is shorter than 28 days) during a holiday party, take a closer look at the dance floor and check out the men who are dancing.

You’ll likely find that guys who dance in a “high-masculine” way (which, and I’m taking a stab here, probably means more Maori Haka and Hip Hop Dance-Off than, say, interpretive dance or ballet) are more attractive.

That’s the word from a 2013 preliminary study in the journal Evolutionary Psychology that found masculine movements on the dance floor signal good genes–a seriously major aphrodisiac for your Week 2 high estrogen, which is just push-push-pushing heterosexual gals to pair up with a strong, healthy male in time to fertilize their egg during ovulation at the end of this week.

Not in your Week 2 during a holiday party? The same study found that no matter how macho a guy’s dance moves are, he’s not going to look any more attractive to you than he does off the dance floor. So, he’s just got that one quick window of opportunity during your whole monthly cycle to win you over with all those he-man dance steps he spent countless hours alone in his bedroom perfecting.

(Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. Because if my future boyfriend Ryan Gosling pulled this shhhteamy shirtless Dirty Dancing move on me, I’d be won over ANNNNNY ol’ day of my cycle.)

Want to be a part-time scientist and test out this study for yourself? The next time you’re at a holiday party or club or anywhere else guys are on the dance floor, find out where the girlfriends with you are in their monthly cycles. Then ask them which dancing lads they find attractive. You could be very surprised by the results!

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