exerciseI’ve recently recommitted myself to my aerobic workout routine and upped my game–switching from jogging on the treadmill to high-intensity interval training.

And even though I sweat, I grunt, I feel the burn, I also feel absolutely AMAZING once I’m done.

If you exercise, then you probably experienced this post-workout bliss, too.

Well, if you chalked up the surge in positivity to feel-good endorphins, you’d only be partly right.

Turns out, some of the good feelings you get from a vigorous aerobic workout is a direct result of a boost in testosterone.

According to several studies (including this, this and this), doing a moderate to intense aerobic workout prompts a temporary (about 30 minutes) surge in testosterone. And this occurs regardless of where you are in your monthly cycle.

And, that’s a pretty good thing since testosterone is a hormone that not only revs your mood, but also your confidence, energy, competitiveness and sense of personal power. Plus, it boosts your libido and intensifies pleasurable sensations during physical intimacy. Not too shabby, right?

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