Stop procrastinating by aiming for Week 2 of your cycle

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Stop procrastinating by aiming for Week 2 of your cycle

2Ever have a task you just had to do, but was so boring or hard or annoying that it took you forever to push yourself to do it?

I’m that way with doing bills. It’s not just parting with my cash that makes it tough. I hate all the math and check reconciling and passwords and user names I have to remember for logging into each account.

It’s soooooo tedious!

That’s why I make a point to do my bills in the late morning. That’s the time of day when my mental and physical energy are high, which boosts my willpower and makes the task easier to stick to till it’s done.

You, too, probably do something similar, right? When you’ve got an arduous task to do, you likely wait until the time of day when you your energy and willpower peak to tackle it.

Well, now I’d like to suggest that you also think about planning daunting projects around your monthly cycle.

For example, if you have to scrub the tub, weed the garden, put down sod, paint a room, work up a budget or if you have to do any other big task that you tend to procrastinate, try planning to do it during Week 2 of your cycle–which starts 8 days from the onset of your period.

This is the week in your cycle when high estrogen and testosterone give you the most mental and physical oomph, which revs your willpower to cycle-long highs and makes tough projects easier to sail through.

I’m in my Week 3 now. But, once my next Week 2 rolls around, I have it on my calendar to re-sod the backyard. It’s a sweaty, back-breaking task I’ve put off for months, but really want done. So, 15 days from now, I’m going to harness my Week 2 hormone power and finally tackle it.

The next time you schedule a big project for your Week 2, let me know if you found it a lot easier to get through. I have a feeling you will!

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