Some men like it hot! What a man’s preference for spicy foods reveals about his hormones

Some men like it hot! What a man’s preference for spicy foods reveals about his hormones

fire2Do you know a guy who loves hot sauce and spicy jalapenos and just isn’t satisfied unless he’s sweating and fanning his tongue at every meal? My husband, Douglas, is like this. I swear, I don’t even know how his tongue is still intact after all the fiery pain he’s put it through.

Well, a man’s preference for searing spiciness may reveal something key about his hormones:

Turns out, men who like their food spicy tend to have higher testosterone levels, according to a new study in the journal Physiology & Behavior.

And that’s key to know since men with more testosterone typically have certain personality traits as a result of the higher concentration of that hormone, for instance, being ambitious, competitive, confident, risk-taking and assertive.

While Douglas is a mild-mannered, friendly guy, he’s also had his own record label, been in a bunch of rock bands and is probably at least as competitive as I am (which is reeallllyyyy competitive). So, I can definitely see high-testosterone personality traits applying to him.

So, is high testosterone fueling this desire for spicy foods in men–or are spicy foods raising their testosterone levels? The researchers aren’t sure. It may be that high testosterone makes a guy enjoy the spicy burn more. However, the study authors add that animal studies suggest spicy foods could also alter hormone levels.

Either way, if you want to know more about a man quick–for instance, to find out if a male supervisor is open to risky project proposals or a potential paramour matches your view of the ideal mate–try simply asking him how spicy he likes his food!

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