Short Hormonology Tip throwback #3: How to use your vagina like a mood ring–really!

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Short Hormonology Tip throwback #3: How to use your vagina like a mood ring–really!

As a reminder, this week I’m sharing my favorite five short Hormonology Tips. This one stood out for me due to the sheer volume of email I got after posting it. A lot of readers loved the ease of this tip and didn’t realize their body gave them these simple-to-spot clues:

You know those funky mood rings from the ’70s? They were so cool because they changed color to reveal what mood you were in.

Well, your vagina works just like a mood ring: The color and consistency of your daily vaginal secretions can tell you which phase of your cycle you’re in, which then can predict your mood, energy and so much more.

All it takes to find out is doing what I call the “dipstick test”. It’s where you use a finger like a dipstick checking oil in your car: You slide your finger inside your vaginal canal, swoosh it around a bit, then pull it out and see what your fluids look like.

And, here’s what this can tell you:

If your vaginal fluids are clear, watery and/or slick, sort of like egg white, then you’re in the first half of your monthly cycle–your Week 1 (after your period ends, naturally) or Week 2. This is when estrogen is rising, which improves your outlook and resilience, increases your mental and physical energy, sharpens brain skills and revs confidence, extroversion, ambition, competitiveness and a desire for adventure, romance and travel. You’re talking more, looking for new experiences and thrills and tend to splash out on items that make you look more beautiful or boost your status.

If your vaginal fluids are cloudy, white, thicker and/or sticky, sort of like a paste, then you’re in the second half of your monthly cycle–your Week 3 and Week 4. This is when progesterone dominates (which is what changes the consistency and color of your secretions, by the way) and estrogen takes a back seat as it dips twice. During this half of your cycle, your hormones are slowing you down, tiring you out and making you quieter, more introverted and more concerned about safety and comfort. You tend to prefer the tried-and-true over anything new and prefer predictability to surprises. You’re more careful with your cash–except when it comes to delicious foods and beautiful decorative items, in which case, you’re getting the urge to buy them by the cartload as progesterone amps up hunger and your urge to feather your nest.

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