READER QUESTION: “Why isn’t my Week 2 awesome?”

/READER QUESTION: “Why isn’t my Week 2 awesome?”

READER QUESTION: “Why isn’t my Week 2 awesome?”

readerquestionJane, a Hormone Horoscope App user, writes: “I think your site and phone app are fantastic. The detail to which you go into and how accurate it is really brings home how much we are governed by our hormones. The more I think about it the scarier it becomes. But I’m thankful I have your site to read!

“If you have time I wouldn’t mind your input on a thing I have noticed in my cycle recently. I am at about Day 16 of a usual 28-30 day cycle and have noticed I can’t wait for my Week 2 to be over!!! A lot of your observations about Week 2 are that the rising estrogen makes you feel great and can almost conquer the world, feel confident, etc. I must say I do feel a lot more attracted to the opposite sex, and preen myself, etc. BUT it’s like I can’t handle the surge of estrogen in that I find myself overthinking everything, I can’t sleep, I feel insecure about things. Is this normal? As soon as I ovulate I seem to be able to put things in perspective and can just be more laid back and get on. Any comments on this would be great as I’m starting to struggle with my Week 2 more and more!”

My answer: So glad you’re enjoying the Hormonology website and app! But, so sorry you’re experiencing a negative side effect of high estrogen in Week 2, which is the “arousal”–or stimulation–that naturally occurs in your brain as a result of peaking levels of this hormone. It can cause anxiety, racing thoughts, antisness and other uncomfortable symptoms if you’re sensitive to this hormone or this particular effect. In Week 3, when this hormone dips and progesterone rises, it mellows you out and takes away this “edginess”.

Many women love the power surge they get in Week 2. But, it seems like you’re more comfortable in the sedate phase that occurs after ovulation. Some women don’t care for their Week 3 phase because this sedation makes them blue or tired. But, it’s really a personal preference.

My suggestion? Try to counter the antisiness caused by high estrogen by meditating, exercising, sipping chamomile tea (which has mildly sedating compounds), doing yoga, listening to slow-tempo music or doing progressive muscle relaxation in your Week 2. All of these are proven to relax you, and that seems like what you need to enjoy this week more.


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