My HormonologyTammi sent me this question on Facebook yesterday: “I’m bored with my hair, my makeup, my glasses, my clothes. I want something new! When is the best time of my cycle to choose a new look—but one I won’t regret?”

My answer: I recommend scheduling your trips to the hair salon, cosmetics counter, eyeglass shop and department store to occur 4 to 7 days after your period starts. This is the second half of your Week 1 (as a reminder, Week 1 starts on the first day of your period). By this time of your cycle, estrogen and testosterone rise to a point that make you more open to a fresh change, but they haven’t yet climbed so high that you get super-impulsive and end up going completely overboard and making a major (and semi-permanent and/or expensive) change you’re not happy with once Week 3 and Week 4 come rolling around. Bonus: Making an overhaul on Days 4 to 7 lets you get used to the new you all throughout Week 2 when high hormones make you confident (so you’ll feel comfortable showing off your big reveal to friends and family) and help you rebound more easily (in case the Kelly Osbourne-inspired granny blue hair color isn’t as flattering as you expected) so you can make quick fixes to get exactly what you want!