READER QUESTION: “When is the best time of my cycle to conduct a job interview?”

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READER QUESTION: “When is the best time of my cycle to conduct a job interview?”

My HormonologyLeah, a Hormonology Twitter follower, asks, “I’m interviewing registered dietitians to help my 10-year-old son lose weight. Just wondering—is there a better time during my menstrual cycle to conduct interviews?”

My answer: When you need to find a new health care provider, look for a roofer, hire an assistant or interview someone for another type of position you have open, try to schedule it during your Week 3, which starts right after ovulation (the midpoint of your cycle). Here’s why: Rising progesterone coupled with lower levels of estrogen and testosterone put you in a realistic frame of mind. This means you’re far less likely to be swayed by passionate speeches and big promises and more likely to focus on the person’s credentials, experience and references, helping you find the most suitable candidate for the job.

Have no choice but to conduct interviews during your Week 1 or Week 2? Keep this in mind: Rising estrogen and testosterone make you more optimistic and easily excited, which means you could be more easily swept up by an applicant’s energetic presentation that’s all hype and no substance. So, after being bowled over by the candidate’s pitch, take a few moments to focus on her or his résumé and references. And be sure to check they’re actually real, since high optimism could have you assuming they are when they’re not.

Need to conduct your interview during your premenstrual Week 4? Keep this in mind: Plunging hormones can put you in a pessimistic frame of mind, which means you could doubt an applicant’s abilities even though they’re exactly what you need or be put off by a personality quirk that isn’t really that big of a deal. So, before writing off the candidate completely, take time to carefully consider her or his experience and the opinions of references to see how well they match the requirements for the job.

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