READER QUESTION: “What if it’s the ‘wrong’ day of my cycle for an activity?”

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READER QUESTION: “What if it’s the ‘wrong’ day of my cycle for an activity?”

My HormonologyNan, a Hormonology newsletter subscriber, asks, “What if I can’t plan when I can do something according to my hormone cycle, like I have to go on a job interview in my Week 4 or I have to go to a social function in my Week 3?”

My answer: This is a great question because it really highlights the purpose of Hormonology—knowing what’s coming ahead in your cycle so you can capitalize on your good days and overcome challenges on your not-so-good days.

So, say you have to do an activity that isn’t in line with the mood/energy/desires of that week—for instance, if you have a job interview in Week 4 when plunging estrogen and testosterone can slow your thinking or you have a wedding to attend in Week 3 when rising progesterone has you feeling lethargic and less social. By knowing ahead of time that you won’t be synched up with the activity, you can take steps beforehand to compensate for the challenges. For instance, you could practice job interview questions longer till you have them down pat or at the wedding you can make a point to drink coffee instead of wine to perk up your energy and talkativeness!

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