How do hormones change you down there?

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How do hormones change you down there?

bellHere’s the easiest question you’ll be asked all day:

If men experienced an increase in the size of their penis at a certain point in the daily male hormone cycle–for instance, at noon–do you think that every single time 12pm rolled around, men around the world be pointing to their crotches and giving that slow head nod/sideways smile look they think is alluring but is really just super-creepy?

Of course they would!

Well, guys, sad to say, but your member isn’t growing larger at a certain point in your hormone cycle.

However, we gals sure have a lot to brag about during the second half of our Week 2–the days leading up to ovulation:

Turns out, our clitoris grows in size on these days, according to a 2013 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The theory is that high estrogen boosts blood flow throughout the body, including your private areas, engorging this particular part.

And it’s a good thing it does, too: This temporary enlargement increases sensitivity in that area, making physical intimacy alone or with a partner even more enjoyable. Yay us!

Though this size change sounds like just another high-five from Mother Nature for being born a girl (you know, in addition to better brain skills and less B.O.), researchers speculate it probably comes down to a more practical reason: In Week 2, your body is pushing you to get intimate with your mate in time for ovulation at the end of this week of your cycle to boost your chance of pregnancy.

Luckily, you don’t need to want to get pregnant to take advantage of this body change’s benefits.

As if this wasn’t enough, high estrogen creates one more key change down below during this phase of your cycle–it prompts your body to produce more lubrication, making intimate fun way more comfortable and a lot less chafey.

That’s what I call a hormone double-score!

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