stress4If you’re going through perimenopause–the stage before menopause when your hormones and menstrual cycle get a bit unpredictable–there’s something you should know: According to a new study in the journal Menopause, the hormone fluctuations you experience during this transitional time can increase your anger and irritability, make you more sensitive to social rejection and increase your stress response to psychosocial stressors–which are difficult major life events, such as losing your job, divorce or bereavement–that can then lead to depression.

The researchers point out that these emotional symptoms don’t occur in all perimenopausal women–likely just those sensitive to this hormonal upheaval. But, if they occur in you during this life stage, talk with your healthcare provider about it since there are treatments that can help you reduce hostility, stave off depression and enjoy a better overall mood.

[Photo: Ivana Vasilj]