Nix PMS, menstrual cramps and insomnia in 2016!

Nix PMS, menstrual cramps and insomnia in 2016!

Andrew Dallos

In keeping with the theme of a getting off to a great 2016, today I’d like to remind you of the study-proven remedies I’ve reported on that can help you nix PMS, menstrual cramps and insomnia so you can have happier menstrual cycles in the new year.

So, which part of your cycle do you want to improve?

Say so-long to PMS!
Tired of the moodiness, irritability, anxiety, aches, cravings and/or sadness that comes during the second half of your cycle as your estrogen drops twice and progesterone dominates? There are many easy ways to combat them! One study I reported on here found that taking a supplement containing 100 mg. of curcumin extract (a cooking spice) twice daily can slash PMS by 60%. I also rounded up 8 nutrients and herbs that are proven to reduce PMS symptoms, which you can read about here. And, then there was a study I wrote about here that showed eating plant-based foods high in iron (such as spinach and tofu) makes you less susceptible to premenstrual woes. For more PMS-fighting studies I’ve shared in my blog, click here.

K-O menstrual cramp pain!
Bothered by aches and stabbing pain of menstrual cramps? Researchers have pinpointed a plethora of easy treatments that can provide pain relief. For instance, I’ve written here about the numerous studies that show how ginger quells cramp pain. I report here how mounting evidence shows that simple self-massage with fragrant massage oil is also a powerful cramp-fighter. And, if you prefer over-the-counter pain meds, then you’ll want to know this timing trick to making them work a whole lot better. For more menstrual cramp-busting studies I’ve shared in my blog, click here.

Get better sleep!
Whether you’re kept awake by menstrual aches at the start of your cycle, anxiety in the middle of your cycle or plunging estrogen that triggers insomnia, anxiety, rumination and/or physical discomfort in the last two weeks of your cycle, scientists have pinpointed numerous ways to fall asleep faster and get higher quality sleep. One of my favorite techniques is using an acupressure bracelet, which I wrote about here. Another easy and surprising technique I reported on here is using reverse psychology to drift off sooner. For more sleep-boosting studies I’ve shared in my blog, click here.

I hope these tips help you enjoy happier hormone cycles throughout 2016!

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