New study: Why you’ll want to lock up wallet during ovulation

New study: Why you’ll want to lock up wallet during ovulation

Ever wonder why you can usually be pretty good at making big money decisions–such as which car to buy and how to finance a new business–carefully weighing the pros and cons till you come up with a sound solution that fits your needs and budget?

But, then there are times when you make a risky money move out of the blue–such as buying a motorcycle even though you don’t know how to ride or impulsively quitting your full-time job to devote more time to launching your business?

The reason for the big difference in how much risk you’re willing to take with your cash could come down to where you are in your monthly cycle.

According to a new study in the journal PLOS ONE, you’re more likely to take financial risks during ovulation–the days when you’re most fertile, which are at the end of your Week 2 and beginning of your Week 3.

The study authors theorize it may be because you become willing to take more risks in general during this cycle phase as a way to seek out and find a potential partner to fertilize your egg. And, as a result, this risky behavior affects how you handle financial decisions, too.

Or, it may be that you’re more willing to take financial risks as a way to outdo potential romantic rivals–for instance, by purchasing items that boost your social standing and beauty, such as designer clothes and jewelry. And, since you’re less worried about losing money on these days, you make other risky financial decisions, too.

The bottom line?

Once your Week 2 rolls around and you’re leading up to ovulation, keep in mind that you’re more prone to splashing out cash and making sudden high-risk money maneuvers. So, you may want to remind yourself to pause before making purchases, important financial decisions or jetting off to a casino to consider whether it’s really the right move for you. Taking those few extra moments could save you a bundle.

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