New study: The secret sixth sense you develop in your Week 2

New study: The secret sixth sense you develop in your Week 2

Awhile ago, I wrote this Hormonology Guide that revealed easy clues you can look for to figure out where other women are in their monthly cycles–such as what their voice sounds like, how they talk and how they smile.

This is handy for a bunch of reasons: It can improve your friendships, help you get a “yes” from a woman who can grant you a raise, favor or better price, and give you a better understanding of the behavior of a friend or family member.

Well, now it turns out that at a certain point in our cycle, we gals have the natural ability to automatically detect where another woman is in her cycle just by gazing at her–no clues needed.

Specifically, when we’re in our Week 2 (the cycle week leading up to and including ovulation) we can detect when another woman is in her ovulation phase (the last few days of Week 2 and first day of Week 3), according to new research from the University of Bern in Switzerland.

Why do we develop this cycle-related sixth sense once our Week 2 arrives? The researchers speculate that our brain is wired this way because when we’re in a high-fertility window of our own cycle, this helps us pinpoint–and then shoo away–other fertile women who may try to muscle in on our mate.

Want to try this out for yourself? The next time you’re in your Week 2, look at the women around you and see if you get a hunch that any of them are in their ovulation phase. Then, if they’re women who wouldn’t mind sharing intimate details, ask them where they are in their cycle to see how accurate you are!

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