readerquestion4Today I have a quick question for you:

What kind of Hormonology Tip topics would you like to read more about in the future? 

I’ve written hundreds of Hormonology Tips and just want to get a sense of what topics interest you most so I can write more about those. 

Do you want more tips about PMS-busters, menstrual cramp treatments or mood-lifters? Do you want more natural remedies? More news about the latest hormone research? More Hormonology Guides that cover a specific topic for each week of your cycle? More stuff that’s quirky or surprising, like how I reported on how you make more right turns during your period?

Or maybe you want see less of a certain topic I keep covering?

Or maybe you want to see something else altogether, like more infographics or videos?

If you get a moment, please send me an email at and let me know. I appreciate the feedback!