Need to persuade someone? Aim for Week 2 of your cycle

Need to persuade someone? Aim for Week 2 of your cycle


Even though it’s my Week 2–the week leading up to and including ovulation–when high estrogen ratchets up energy to cycle-long highs, I’m a bit tired today. That’s because I’ve been using all that high-hormone energy to stay up really late and get up really early to get more work and tasks done. And, just like any overexerting Week 2 gal, I’ve pushed myself a bit further than, perhaps, I should have.

So, when my husband, Douglas, and I stopped for lunch in-between getting his yearly bloodwork for his physical and our annual flu shot, I wasn’t anticipating a whole lot of conversation. I really just wanted to dive headfirst into my pot of tea.

But, then he said something that caught my ear and instantly perked me up. To be honest, I can’t even remember what it was now. But, I do know he was trying to defend a position I didn’t agree with and I just began verbally roundhousing the crap out of him, bringing up statistics, historical anecdotes and arguments too sound to refute.

As he sat there stunned by his defeat, I said, “Don’t try to argue with a Week 2 woman. You’ll never win.”

I then cooly returned to my tea. But, honestly, inside even I was thinking how impressive my performance just was, especially considering how bone-tired I am. So tired I now can’t even remember what we were sparring about to begin with.

Anyway, I bring this up to you today because if you need to persuade someone to adopt your point of view–for instance, to convince a boss to accept your proposal, a potential client to award you a job or a romantic partner or friend to go along with your idea for a shared vacation–try to make your argument during Week 2 of your cycle.

On these days, research shows that high-and-rising estrogen is sharpening your recall, verbal eloquence and confidence, which help you deliver a more convincing argument. Plus, additional studies show this peaking hormone makes you better at figuring out what people are thinking by picking up on their facial cues, so you’ll know when a particular point you’re making is working or you need to try something new.

Need to persuade someone when it’s not your Week 2? Not a problem. While you won’t have the hormonal winds at your back pushing you along to make it easier, you can still up your game by going over the facts and figures longer before you make your case, doing something that boosts your energy (like going for a quick sprint or drinking caffeine) and thinking more carefully about what you want to say before you say it so it comes out exactly as you want it to.

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