Making weekend plans? If you’re in Week 2 of your cycle, you’ll likely head to this spot….

/Making weekend plans? If you’re in Week 2 of your cycle, you’ll likely head to this spot….

Making weekend plans? If you’re in Week 2 of your cycle, you’ll likely head to this spot….

crowd2Sure, you make weekend plans based on the types of activities you enjoy, the foods you like to eat and the friends you want to spend time with.

But, a 2006 study in the journal Hormones and Behavior shows that if you’re in Week 2 of your cycle (the week leading up to and including ovulation), whether you realize it or not, you’re also selecting a destination where there’s likely to be a high number of eligible cuties–for instance, a crowded dance club, restaurant, concert, parade, party or political rally. And this holds true whether you’re single or currently have a partner. (full study)

Why? As the researchers explain it, as you approach the fertile days in your cycle, you instinctively seek out places where you can window shop potential mates–and having many to choose from ups your odds of finding someone with healthy genes.In a relationship? If things have gotten stale or rocky, the same study shows you’re gravitating toward crowded spots to scout possible sweeties to flirt with.

Not in your Week 2, but the gal-pals you’re planning a night with are begging you to go someplace packed with people when you’re preferring someplace mellower and less populated? Chances are, your friends are in their Week 2–which is why they’re feeling the craving for crowds. Go along with their desires and they might just return the favor when your own Week 2 rolls around and you want to drag them someplace brimming with romantic possibilities….

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