Want to make every day of your cycle better? Try this….

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Want to make every day of your cycle better? Try this….


It’s a common situation: You feel a certain way during a certain point in your monthly cycle (maybe it’s outgoing and upbeat or downcast and introverted) and you think, “That’s it, this high energy or melancholia or whatever I’m feeling is here to stay. Foreverrrrr.”

And, you forget that in just a few short days, maybe a week, maybe two weeks, you’re going to be feeling different. Maybe even dramatically different. Possibly even the exact opposite.

Well, a Hormonology reader, Emma, has a brilliant way to keep herself from being duped by the false notion that when she starts to feel low during the second half of your cycle, it’s a permanent lull: While she was in her high-estrogen Week 2, she wrote her Week 3/Week 4 self a letter. In it, she reminds herself that this bottoming out isn’t going to stick around. Plus, she offers herself tips for making this dip less bothersome, so she can enjoy her cycle all the way through till she comes back around to her rising estrogen Week 1 again.

I think it’s a great idea to give yourself a reminder that whatever you’re feeling may not stick around for long–so either take full advantage of it if it’s positive or remember that it’s not here to stay if it’s bothersome.

Emma has graciously given me permission to share her letter to herself, which I hope inspires you the way it has inspired me:

Hi Second-Half-Cycle Emma,

This is First-Half-Cycle Emma writing to you to say that you’re going to be all right. The world is probably pretty bleak right now, and you’re probably stress eating and worrying about something.

Well, guess what. First-Half-Cycle Emma is OK. She’s dandy, a bit scatterbrained, but what else is new? There have been so many things to worry about in the past, and has worrying ever helped? Nope. What you can do is grab a piece of paper and write down the things you need to do. You know it’ll help. Also, have some kefir. I know it’s cold and sour, but you know it’ll help.

Also, please don’t stay up late. Estrogen’s super nice in the first half of your cycle, but it’s not there for you right now. So please go to bed, dab some lavender or jasmine on your wrists, read a book before hitting the hay, and recharge. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for doing so the next day.

At work, if you need to be alone (which you probably will), go down to the 16th floor and chillax. Go for a mid-afternoon walk if it’s not too chilly. If you can muster it, make some prune bars. Buy some rye bread, and take some peppermint tea to work with you. Yes’m. Good stuff.

I’m picturing you right now: You think that your life is really hard and that you’re dumb and worthless and mean and ugly, but baby, you’re gucci. You’re retaining water weight, so eat some cucumbers and drink water. Your brain is a little slower, but that doesn’t mean you’re dumb. You have people who love the fuck out of you, so do the dishes for them and write them love letters with that stationary you have. Just chill out, find some alone time, write lists, and breathe. You’ll be OK.

First-Half-Cycle Emma

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to write my own future self a nice long letter. Let me know if you write your future self a letter, too!

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