Let’s bottom-line this hormone thing….

Let’s bottom-line this hormone thing….

spectaclesLately, I’ve been way more crunched for time. I’m writing my new Hormonology book and doing lots of other behind-the-scenes Hormonology stuff while also writing women’s health articles for Woman’s World magazine every week.

So, I don’t have a lot of time for people who take the long-way ’round when telling me a story, asking me to do something or sharing some kind of insightful something-or-other they’re convinced I need to know.

Because of my lack of time, lately I’ve been saying, “Let’s bottom-line this.” Meaning, let’s get to the gist of what you’re saying without all the extra fancy talk. 

And this led me to think that, hey, maybe you’re crunched for time, too.

So, while all these little tidbits about how your hormones impact you this way or that way are nice to know, perhaps, a short, general overview would be good for you to have.

In that spirit, let’s bottom-line this hormone thing: 


Week 1 & Week 2: In the first half of your cycle–once aches and pains from your period peter out–for most women, rising estrogen is triggering a rise in your mood, optimism, confidence, boldness, energy, brain skills, verbal skills, desire to socialize, interest in romance, libido, zest for adventure and curiosity about the world around you. During this phase, you’re more committed to reaching goals, your appetite is reined in slightly and you’re feeling, looking and sounding more beautiful. (Note: If you don’t feel this way, you may be “hormonally opposite”.)

Best activities to do: The first half of your cycle is a great time to start a project, launch a health-boosting habit, go on a hot date, pitch a client, travel, host or attend a social gathering or try anything new. You’ve got more mental and physical energy as well as stick-to-it-iveness than any other time in your cycle, so harness them and use them to propel yourself forward.

Week 3 & Week 4: In the second half of your cycle, estrogen dips, then rises, then dips again. And progesterone rises and dips. This see-saw of hormones can prompt a see-saw of emotions: Compared to the first half of your cycle, you may have more moments when you’re blue, irritable, self-conscious, insecure, pessimistic, impatient and prefer to be alone. You may notice your memory, verbal abilities and mental energy slip a bit. And your physical energy is on the wane, too. A craving for social activities and romance are replaced by cravings for comfort food and naps. A desire for safety and security may have you preferring to stick close to home or familiar haunts. Your thoughts tend to turn inward as you examine yourself and your life.

Best activities to do: The second half of your cycle is a great time to work on small details of a project that were too hum-drum for you to focus on in your more energetic first half. Because you’re not as overly-optimistic as you were in Week 1 & Week 2, you can also use this phase as a “reality check” to determine if a project is going in the right direction or is on budget. Take these weeks to recharge your batteries with activities that nourish you, for instance, by reading a book, taking a long bath or going for a stroll through your favorite park.

See, short and sweet. Now you can enjoy the rest of your day!

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