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Find out about Hormonology and how its many tools (including apps, the Hormone Horoscope and Hormonology Guides) can help you, what to expect from the female and male hormone cycles and which natural solutions and products can make every day of your cycle better.

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Free Hormonology eBooks

I offer a wide range of free Hormonology eBooks about hormone cycles for women, teen girls, teachers and male partners of cycling women.

On Day 8 of your monthly cycle

Female Hormone Cycle

There’s a lot more to a menstrual cycle than just a period and possibly a few days of feeling grouchy right before your period.

Male Hormone Cycle - Evening

Male Hormone Cycle

Women aren’t the only ones with a hormone cycle. Men have a hormone cycle, too—but, there are big differences.


Hormonology Guides

In this collection of free Hormonology Guides, you’ll get week-by-week descriptions of what you can expect from your mood, libido, energy, spending habits, sleep, memory and more.


Your Hormonal Road Map

Don’t know where you are in your monthly cycle?
Not to worry—figuring it out is easy.



Make every day of your cycle better with this collection of recommendations for natural treatments for reducing menstrual cramp pain and easing premenstrual woes, tools that enable you to keep track of where you are in your cycle and products that help you get the most out of your hormones.

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