Last day to enter the giveaway! Plus, one surprising study….

/Last day to enter the giveaway! Plus, one surprising study….

Last day to enter the giveaway! Plus, one surprising study….

reddressToday is the last day you can enter to the random drawing to win a $50 gift card.

As you may recall from my earlier Hormonology post, all you’ve got to do is send me an email at Gabrielle [at] and tell me what’s the one most surprising thing you’ve learned about your hormones and you’ll be automatically entered.

Your answer may also appear in a post this week featuring some of the best responses.

While my answer to the most surprising thing I learned about hormones was that they impact how we walk during the first half of our cycle, there is something else I think is pretty surprising about how our hormones impact us: It’s how they affect the type of clothing we choose to wear.

Specifically, I was tickled by a study from the University of British Columbia that found we’re an astounding three and a half times more likely to wear red or pink clothes during the second half of our Week 2 in the days leading up to and including ovulation than any other time in our cycle.

The researchers theorize that we’re subconsciously drawn toward red and pink because they’re colors that are considered “sexy” and attract more attention–two key ways to rev the desire in the mate you have or attract a new one during this fertile phase of our cycle.

I’ll tell ya, I always laugh when I realize I’m wearing pink or red during my Week 2–and think back to this study, wondering if it was just laundry day and pink and red clothes were my only options…or my hormones had a hand in what I decided to wear.

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