Feel pangs of jealousy in your relationship?

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Feel pangs of jealousy in your relationship?

Did you ever give the evil eye to a gal you thought was flirting with your partner or worry that your mate’s “work wife” was muscling in on your territory? Chances are, you were in the latter half of your Week 2 (around the middle of your cycle) when your jealousy arose.

That’s the word from researchers reporting in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior who found that you’re more prone to worrying that your sweetheart could be developing feelings for someone else as you approach ovulation, which occurs at the end of your Week 2. As the researchers explain, it’s because high estrogen is pumping up your urge to protect your relationship in case you get pregnant during this phase and you need help from your mate to raise a baby.

But, you’re not the only one who’s guarding your relationship more closely: Turns out, your mate is also prone to feeling jealous and worried you could stray the closer you get to ovulation, reveals research in the journal Hormones and Behavior.

Of course, there could be good reason for your honey to fret: Research shows that when ovulation rolls around, you’re more likely to fantasize about someone other than your current mate and flirt with someone new!

Regardless of who you end up secretly fantasizing about, the next time pangs of jealousy arise in you or your sweetie seems clingier than usual, check where you are in your menstrual cycle calendar. If you’re in your Week 2, accept that this kind of worry is just a side effect of high hormones and laugh it off rather than take it too seriously. You’ll be far happier and less stressed–which will allow you to take advantage of the other hormonal side effects you’re experiencing during this phase: A high libido and more intense response to kisses, cuddles and other pleasurable forms of physical intimacy.

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