It’s my party and I’ll schedule it around my cycle if I want to….

/It’s my party and I’ll schedule it around my cycle if I want to….

It’s my party and I’ll schedule it around my cycle if I want to….

balloonLesley Gore may have cried during her party, but I’d rather laugh during mine. That’s why I purposely schedule a monthly MeetUp discussion group that I co-host with my husband in our living room to coincide with Week 2 in my monthly cycle (the week leading up to and including ovulation).

On these cycle days, I know I’m going to be upbeat, chatty, outgoing, energetic, more open-minded and verbally agile, which will help me get the most enjoyment out of that night’s discussion.

It’s also a time in my cycle when I’m least likely to get a migraine, so that’s an added benefit.

Sure, the MeetUp group date may not sync up with the most beneficial week in the other members’ menstrual cycles. But, hey, that’s one of the perks of being the host.

Anyway, I bring this up today because tomorrow, October 14, is my birthday. But, frankly, it lands at a lousy time in my cycle: I’m at the tail-end of my Week 3 (the week that starts right after ovulation)–and that means my progesterone will be peaking. As a result, this sedating hormone will be making me foggy, fatigued and less interested in socializing or doing anything wild, wacky or spontaneous. Not exactly a recipe for a birthday blowout.

So, while I may not be able to control the day of my birth, I can control the day I celebrate it–and pick a day that lines up with my favorite cycle week: my Week 2. When my next Week 2 rolls around next, I plan to dedicate a day for birthday-inspired fun–maybe grab my camera and take photos around town or head somewhere new, have lunch with pals, look in our local events calendar and try something totally new and make it over to the beach in time to catch the drum circle at sunset.

I recommend you do the same thing when possible: When a birthday, anniversary or holiday falls on a less-than-optimal day in your cycle, plan your celebration for a better cycle day. This way, you can enjoy the festivities to the fullest.

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