Indulge in your favorite once-in-awhile treats in the first half of your cycle

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Indulge in your favorite once-in-awhile treats in the first half of your cycle

cupcakesToday’s Hormonology tip is specifically for you gals who are in the first half of your cycle–your Week 1 and Week 2–which starts with the first day of menstruation and lasts through ovulation.

(You second-half-of-your-cycle ladies can hold onto this Hormonology tip till your period comes back around.)

So, first-halfers, listen up: I want you to write down all your favorite once-in-awhile indulgent activities that treat your senses, but that you rarely take time for.

Like? Getting a massage, taking a bubble bath with a fragrant bath bomb, eating an exotic meal, listening to your favorite band or watching a breathtaking sunset.

Then, make a promise to yourself to do at least one of these favorite once-in-awhile indulgences during this phase of your cycle.

Here are two key reasons why:

During the first half of your cycle, rising estrogen is making your senses sharper. For instance, your sense of taste is more acute so you’re detecting subtle flavors more easily. You’re sense of smell is more finely-honed so you’ll likely notice more notes in a scent. You’re more sensitive to pleasurable physical sensations, so anything that rubs you the right way is producing a more positive effect, such as relaxation or sensual tingles.

What’s more, rising estrogen during the first half of your cycle is prompting your brain to churn out more feel-good chemicals whenever you do something you love, making it more rewarding and enjoyable.

The result? You not only delight in and appreciate the indulgent activity more thoroughly–able to taste, smell and feel subtleties you might miss in the second half of your cycle. You also get a far bigger spike in pleasure and enjoyment when you do it.

Try this Hormonology tip for yourself, then let me know if you noticed your favorite once-in-awhile treat was more fulfilling when you did it during the first half of your cycle.

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